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for ages 8-9

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Did you know age 8-9 is considered the ‘Golden Age’ for learning and practicing good manners? With a growing attention span and a new awareness of others, your child is ready to up their game in meeting, greeting, and eating. Get ready for this shockingly fun boost in the basics!

(See KEY Topics below)


American Heritage School

|  in Salt Lake City

June 11, 13, 14  (T, Th, F)

Tuesday & Thursday  |  9:00-10:30am -and-

Friday  |  11:30am-1:00pm (Dining Tutorial Lunch)

Liberty Hills Academy

|  in Bountiful

June 19, 20, 21  (W, Th, F)

Wednesday & Thursday  |  9:00-10:30am -and-

Friday  |  11:30am-1:00pm (Dining Tutorial Lunch)

Thanksgiving Point 

|  in Lehi

June 26, 27, 28  (W, Th, F)

Wednesday & Thursday  |  9:00-10:30am -and-

Friday  |  11:30am-1:00pm (Dining Tutorial Lunch)



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KEY Topics for ages 8-9
  • The Golden Rule + Kid Courtesies That Count

  • The 5-Finger Friendship Formula

  • Alligators & Crocodiles: How to Say Goodbye

  • Out & About: The Perfect Passenger

  • Screen Time Manners: Time to Level Up

  • Birthday Skills: Be the Smarty at the Party

  • Little Things That Make a BIG Difference

  • Vacation Time: Ambassador Skills for Ages 8-9

  • Table Tournament: Setting it Right!

  • Scoop, Stab or Slice? The Handling of Silverware

  • Dining Tutorial Luncheon & KEY Certificates

  • Manners Swag Bags

...and oh so much more!
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